Wednesday, October 6, 2010

asato one of the nettlebite band

just a quick painting of one of my characters.


  1. Yaaaaay, you're on the blogosphere! Gorgeous portrait! And "quick" you say -- I'll take your word for it. Veerrrry jealous of all you Nivaliens and your mad painterly skillz. Looking forward to seeing more of your comic collaboration! And thanks for posting that photo.

  2. It took me two hours maybe a bit more.. For me it's rather quick)
    You don't need to be jealous, i think if you print you work like a 1,5 meters high and choose one of your delicious girls for it you'll conquer the world)))
    I think the question is how you show your stuff - 15 on a page and all eye catching, or one figure on a single page - which you have all time you want to look at without getting distracted)
    Its all my thoughts on you early words about that people always looking at color stuff more than on a grafic one.

  3. Hah, yes, except I can't seem to follow my own advice!

  4. love the background quickies. :D and great portrait. I actually watch you on dA, but I'm gonna be stalking your blog from now on too.

    I'm zeo-x on dA and CGHub. :)